Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm Back !!

I just realized i have lots of posts.
ahem!! I'm impressed, when did i write all those :D

Time to be regular now :-)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Soch Jara hatke!!

Me and my bro have always been an advertisement freak!! I used to love those big ad-breaks coming while watching movies on tv, which every other person at home would have hated the most!!
But for me, ads are the best part of watching tv.
These are the few latest ads which have totally impressed me!! "VIRGIN INDIA" (don't go on name now ;) ) check it out :

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bulbed Again !!

Once again!! it's not the first time!!
I have this wonderful fate (bad luck), that whenever a class is cancelled, I somehow manage to forget it. I can remember instances from as old my memories goes. Be it the tution classes during ma school time or be it the coaching classes during my JEE prep and worst it continues till now!!

Today again in ma usual mood.i get up, get fresh, have breakfast, bathe and ready for my class.. i walk 1.5 kms in vain to find out class was cancelled, ans it was told yesterday itself. My mind goes to yesterday's boring class where i was not listening a single word which that stupid guy in formals(called as prof) was blabbering!! i feel disgusted now,better i would have listened to him, atleast i could have slept a lil more today :P

Anyways this incident will again help me out to listen in class for dew days atleast,so that i don't miss any single golden opportunity to hear that "tomorrow there won't be any class" !!
God it happens soon :P

Time for goodnight :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I'm just thrilled to share our best pj' s with u :) well i would give special thanks to ma friends sound,harmo,maya,kishu,mamme for their indigenius talents to crack best pj's :) well i'm no less i know :P but it's just the best timepass we have i think!!
situation 1 : amidst a boring class,everyone sleepy and jus wanna throw the deadliest bombs on the prof to get rid of him, right then one of us passes a chit it says "if a white catt falls off a terrace,what does a black cat say???" a sudden freshness in everyones mind,all geared up to put up the logical rhoughts to this pj... after 15 mins the answer comes, u ppl guess wat???

ans is : " meoowwwww" wtf u think a cat will say :D
well our pj's are endless an i think i can just keep on writing them,but they best to be heard in person!! kudos to u guys!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Travel desk 1 : Ooty

Well recently i was in ooty to enjoy the so called shaastra holidays! for those who dun know Shaastra is our tech-fest!! and mostly enjoyed as a bunch of holidays by ppl like me,who still able to keep themselves de-engineered even after almost 2 n a half year over here :) well i'll come to tat aspect of myself sometime! lets start off with ooty
or wat they call it as Udhamangalam :P a complete leisure for people seeking to spend a nice weekend or a couple of days! a complete beauty,just bestowing high nilgiri peaks,beautiful gardens,curvy roads which can jus take the outta ut driving skills.... lots more :) places to see :
1.lots of gardens,name it rose garden,botanical garden,sims garden and 2-3 more which i dun remem the names! all of them just beautifully maintained perfect for going and getting photographed and nothing else :P fo people like me i find nothing great in looking at so many dumb gardens being developed at a single place,when the natural of the place itself is Worth everything.. whatever,for the people of the other taste these are place must to be :)

2. viewpoints : another bunch of hilltop viewpoints!! they are the best part i liked! all of them give a magnificent view of valley! some of them have a lil trekking path before u reach the point but most of then are totally commercialised till the peak,and it just sucks! watever it's. i loved this part of my tour

3.all other chut-put spots lake and boat house (enjoy ur intimate kissing moments on a boat if u are a couple,else all gay stories :P), a wax museum,just loved it!! an artificial flower garden,totally made outta hand wovwn trees,plants and flowers,worth seeing :) hmmm,overall i was satisfied with the place,but what i didn't like,the high commercialisation!! better they would have kept the place more close to nature instead of cutting all trees,n grass n putting them into gardens :P. food at this place simply not great! u'll have to struggle to find a suitable place for u.. i'll suggest the local bakeries and the coffee day there :) homemade choclates are just awesome,and u'll find them almost everywhere,so just don't miss them,, variety of flavours and all of them are just yummyyyyy!! if i rate this place i'll put it 6/10,avg wat i think :)
did i jus forget to mention the best part of trip it's the nilgiri rail journey from ooty to metupallaiyam!! jus dun miss it :)

i pity my writing attitude

it's more then a month i finally started blogging! still i'm the same!! :P
cummon ranvah high time u can do itt!! :)
leta see

Friday, August 31, 2007

My first one

here i go on to start off blogging..well blogging has been inspiring me for such along time,i've been reading blogs of junta since such a loong..many times i totally get inspired,nd decide to start off..but it always stayed in back pocket only :P so here i phinally start..hope to sustain it noe :P lots of things in ma mind..lots to write,lots to share.. keep checkin this space regularly for the next updates :)